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CSR Turbo Cutter

CSR Turbo Cutter/Plotter

Pictured above is the CSR Turbo Stencil Cutter.  With it's adjustable sprocket drive and tangential knife, this fine machine can handle any size stencil roll from 12" to 30" width.  It's speed is truly remarkable considering the weight of the rubber stencil material and it's thickness ... up to 4 times faster than our largest competitor's vinyl cutter and uses 20% less stencil! 

With the Turbo, it is possible to accomplish 24 hours of manual rubber cutting work in only an hour and a half!  The CSR Turbo is truly the finest, most reliable stencil cutter available to the Monument Industry. Weeding (or removing cut rubber pieces) is as effortless and painless as can be saving added time and effort!  In addition to sandblast stencil, the 'Turbo can cut the widest range of materials from high performance vinyl to 14c gold leafing!

Now also available in a 18" wide model.

Can you afford to waste Stencil?

Learn why the Turbo Cutter saves you thousands of dollars in stencil costs.

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We buy Used CSR Cutters.  Send Email for details

Monu-Cad maintains a complete service and parts center for N. V. Grafityp CSR, CSR-700, CSR Turbo, and ECOM2 plotters.  Call 607-264-3653 for more information. support@monu-cad.com


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