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Monu Render  Color Rendering ModuleColorful_Stone_Stripe-3.gif (1762 bytes)

for Windows 95-98-ME-NT-2000-XP...

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A Monument Industry Exclusive!!

The MonuRender add on module is an optional Monu-Cad Pro feature which affords a simple and easy way for a Monument Retailer to make a full color presentation drawing of a proposed memorial for a retail customer.  With MonuRender, it is possible to create color renderings for customer approval in less than 1 minute!

Three easy steps to a color memorial rendering:

Step 1. 

B&W Monument Image

The process begins with a line drawing created
in Monu-Cad Pro as shown above.

Step 2.

MR Colored Monument

Next, the monument is rendered in Monu-Cad Pro.

top.gif (1091 bytes)

Step 3. 

Completed MR Rendering

A cemetery scene or other background is placed behind the memorial.
This final rendering may be printed in full color for customer approval.

From a simple 2-D CAD drawing to color presentation drawing in minutes!


Once the Memorial has been rendered, with the click of a button the operator can change the granite color of any memorial surface to any of over 50+ granite colors in just seconds!  The operator may change for example the upper stone to Black granite and the lower stone to Gray or any other desired color combinations.  The background setting may be changed to any one one of the included background scenes.  Custom granite colors and background scenes may be easily added to the system by the user at any time.  Common .jpg format image files from a scanner or digital camera are employed for all granites and backgrounds.  Available Now!

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Colorful_Stone_Stripe-3.gif (1762 bytes)

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