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The Monu-Cad Manufacturing System

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Designed for the Monument Industry by a Monument Dealer

The Monu-Cad System is a Computer Assisted Design hardware and software system developed specifically for one purpose ... to reduce dramatically the amount of time that is required to layout and produce a Monument Stencil Mask and the manual labor required.

As a result of the development of the system, production time has been reduced by a factor of more than 16 to 1.  In other words, with the Monu-Cad System, it is possible to accomplish 24 hours of manual stencil cutting work in just 1 1/2 hours with no loss of quality!

Using the new CSR Turbo cutter, it is possible to cut the stencil for a 3-0 x 2-0 monument configured with a family name, two inscriptions, standard SB carving and a emblem or two in under 10 minutes!  It is important to note that this time figure includes the computer layout time as well! (assuming that the carving used is part of the computer design base)

If you are looking into Computer Assisted Design for your monument company for the first time, this is a very important consideration.   While it may be possible to assemble a monument manufacturing system from graphics and sign software currently available on the market, the efficiency of these systems is highly suspect.  We have seen systems which were assembled from different pieces of hardware and software which a monument dealer assumes would do what he thought they would do.   And, yes!  These systems were able to make some monument stencils.  However, more often than not, the time involved was the same or more than the manual method!  In one case, 4 computers and one flat bed table cutter were being used to obtain the same number of pieces output per day which could be produced using only 1 Monu-Cad system and just one employee!  Many of the methods employed by these systems are not true to the needs of the monument industry.  And the biggest surprise to many is that a genuine Monu-Cad System can be less expensive than piecing a system together! 

While computerization has become the rage of our industry, please remember that efficiency comes first!  In our opinion, it is just about worthless to replace 1 hour of manual labor with 1 hour of computer time and then add in the expense of the computer system as well! (unless you operate a one man shop and that man is you!  Please read on...)

In a well run business, one needs to realize an income of $2.00 for every dollar spent.  In this case, if the computer system purchased cannot double the production of one employee, then one may very well be better off without purchasing the computer equipment.  At Monu-Cad, we are not satisfied with doubling the production of one employee.  Our goal is to make one computer operator able to perform the work of 4 manual rubber cutters!  We are proud to state that we have realized this goal many times over the last 12 years.  If you are a larger dealer this means a big difference in your bottom line.  If you are a smaller dealer, this means you will never need to train another stencil cutter and goodbye to 14 hour days, 6 1/2 days a week!

Additional features

In many other areas in which the system also excels.  In addition to the Monu-Cad System's remarkable ability to produce cut stencil, there are:

  • A Scanned drawing input subsystem which really works!

  • 99 true Monument Alphabets;

  • Thousands of Windows True Type Fonts

  • 8 1/2" x 11 scale drawings are produced in 45 seconds;

  • Click & Type - Simple, easy to understand, "plain English" lettering program

  • Ability to modify each letter individually;

  • Ability to permanently change kerning relationships between all letter pairs including pairs like WA, LV, FA etc.

  • Over 15,000 monument designs included with each new system;

  • Automatic panel creation;

  • Automatic Die and Base Creation

  • Automatic outlining to change v line widths;

  • Monu-Render Color Monument Rendering program;

  • Monu-Cad Lite! easy to learn; inexpensive point of sale program for sales outlets;

Click Here for Complete Details Of Monu-Cad Pro 2003 Monument Design and Manufacturing Program

System Prices

Complete Monu-Cad Systems which include the computer, cutter, software programs, alphabets and design libraries begin at $9,995.00 for our budget conscious entry level system and go up from there depending on the different options which are available and your company's needs.

Time payment plans are available.

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